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Briefly in English

Slopes open and lifts open
Hervanta: 3/3 and 2-3/3

Opening hours
Mon-Fri 4pm-8pm (16-20)
10am-7pm (10-19)

Hervanta is a ski resorts located in Tampere city area.  The ski resorts has 2 big slopes and one free beginners/children’s slope. There is a possibility to equipment rental (skis and snowboards). Ask for ski instruction as well! Skischool is possible when booked in advance from the number +358 452082110.

Hervanta has also a snack bar café.

Slope facts:

altitude 59m  
longest slope 350m

2 T-bar lifts, 1 free beginners rope lift
+ Snowpark

Check the location!


Ski slope rules

  1. EQUIPMENT – Make sure your equipment is adjusted to your size, weight and ability. Use of helmet is recommended.
  2. BEHAVING ON SKILIFTS – Respect the lift line and prepare yourself to share the lift fellow skiers. Get off the lift only at designated areas.
  3. SKI AT YOUR OWN SKILL LEVEL – Select the slope and adapt your speed according to your skills and the environment. Always familiarise yourself with special areas in advance.
  4. SHEER OFF – Keep your distance when you pass the skiers below and ahead of you. Pay additional attention to small children.
  5. STOPPING AT THE SLOPE – Stop only at places where you can be easily seen. If you need to go uphill, always do it along the edge of the slope.
  6. ADJUST YOUR SPEED – Do not ski too fast. Pay attention to local slope and snow conditions.
  7. DONT’ SLEDGE ON THE SLOPE – Sledging is only allowed in separately designated areas.
  9. NO SKIING UNDER INFLUENCE – Using the slopes under the influence of alcohol/drugs is prohibited.
  10. HELP! – In the event of accidents, your duty is to assist. Report any accidents immediately to ski area staff.




Children 6-11 y.


One-time ticket66
2 hours2015
4 hours2217
Day ticket2520
Evening ticket (from 3pm)2116
Season pass390350
Business pass590
Children under 6 years for free with their parents and wearing a helmet.
Beginner slope is free for all.


Equipment rental

Skiing set
 Adults Children 6-11 y.
1 h1312
2 h1514
4 h1715
Evening (from 3pm)1715
Day (from 10am)1816
1 h1113

2 h
4 h

Evening (from 3pm )1619
Day (from 10am )2326
2 h4
A skiing set includes skis, shoes and poles.
A helmet is included in a skiing/snowboarding set for children under 6 years.
INTERESTED ABOUT SKIING AND SNOWBOARDING LESSONS? Ask more from Tampere slalom club teachers +358 45 208 2110.


Skipass 1h 5€, 2h 8€, 3h 11€, 4h 14€, 5h 17€. Rental set 1h 5€, 2h 8€, 3h 11€ and 4h 14€.
Prices valid only on Tuedays from 4pm to 8pm through the season (except week9, 27.2.2018) beginning on week 5 (30.1.2018).